About Our Group

Mtimandze Group is a Group of Companies founded by Mr Muzi Irvine Kunene, a celebrated businessman and entrepreneur. His goal, which the group has adopted, is to promote economic development and upliftment, based on sound business principles and practices for the betterment and empowerment of our staff, suppliers and the communities in which our companies operate. Mtimandze Group 100% percent black owned and managed and is headquartered in South Africa.

Mission & Vision

We provide the best solutions and products to our customers by delivering a complete range of innovative world-class equipment, services and turnkey installations.


Our objective is based on the provisioning of business solutions & services to the following sectors of the South African economy; Public Sector, National, Provincial and Local government, State Owned Enterprises, Socio-Political Organisations, Private Sector and Mining.

Our guiding principles

Information Sharing. Whatever we find out during an assignment, we share with you. At the end of a project you know what we know.


Know-How transfer. The knowledge we bring and create together with you will stay with you. For your benefit.


Empowerment. We empower our people in an entrepreneurial spirit so they become stronger contributors and create more value than the non-empowered. Value that exceeds costs.


Completeness. We give you the promise to stay on after a project for the implementation of the concepts.


Quality. We focus on superior service quality. We want you as our reference.

Our values

We believe and are governed by ethical dealing, integrity in business practice and having the best quality products. We pride ourselves in having defined a stringent set of guiding principles assuring our professional conduct to our clients.

Our clients