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Mtimandze Project and Consulting provides Automatic Meter Reading and Prepaid Vending as well as Debt Collection Services. The business has grown as a result of our skilled and motivated team that works directly with the customers in long standing relationships. Our response is reliable and achievable through online systems that communicate directly to our head offices to make communications ready and easily available to all customers, instilling complete confidence and understanding  in our expertise.

ONE: Prepaid Electricity Vending

Mtimandze Projects & Consulting also supplies, implements, and maintains the prepaid vending products and related services. We provide different kinds of electrical prepaid metering products for both commercial and households. All meter models in our range are comprised of both the metering and vending components required in order to provide a complete solution. The vending solution is managed via means of a prepaid utility management system. The system requires that all meters in the field are registered with the utility management system. During registration a meter is defined with a set of properties, including details of the owner, the current tenant and financial parameters for revenue management. Credit tokens can be obtained using SMS, WEB or WAP, depending on the management method chosen by the landlord or municipality, New Credit can be added to a prepaid meter either by the landlord/municipality or Prepaid Meters. There are two main management methods are Self-Managed Prepaid Metering and Outsourced Managed Prepaid Metering

Our prepaid vending products include the following:

1: Electricity Single-Phase Meters

Single-Phased is usually being used in homes or businesses where electricity is mostly used for general purpose such as lighting and heating.

2: Electricity Three-Phase Meters

Power stations supply three-phased electricity which is three times as much electricity along three wires as can be supplied in two wires, without having to increase the thickness of the wires. Large buildings, shopping centres, factories and office parks generally have three-phased electricity.

3: Prepaid Vending Recharge Options

We provide a variety of options for recharging a meter. There is flexibility in purchasing recharge tokens in store, online or using a mobile phone. Some of common examples illustrating how our vending meters get recharged includes the following:

1.Recharging by Universal Pin

2.Recharge by Retail Point of Sale

3.Recharging by Direct Deposit/Credit Card

4.Recharging by Cellphone

TWO: Smart Metering


Mtimandze supplies, installs, maintains and manages Intelligent Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Systems. These allow for better implementation of energy management strategies, revenue collection, energy efficiency, delivery and management.


Mtimandze AMR Systems gives extremely accurate readings of your Energy Consumption (KWH), Demand (KVA), Reactive Power (KVar), Voltage (V), Amps (A), Frequency and Power Factor updated in Real-time. Accurate month-end electricity bills generated at a touch of button.


  • Remote reading of meters
  • Remote dis/reconnection of supply
  • Remote monitoring & control of losses in real time
  • Remote Power Limitation flexible application
  • Remote online communication with consumers
  • Hybrid functionality with prepaid or credit modes
  • The Ideal credit control tool
  • Immediate detection of bypassing & meter tampering
  • Ideal for limited free basic services for indigent communities
  • Time of Use Metering and block tariffs.
  • Globally accepted standards and specifications.

THREE: Debt Collection


Reduce bad debt, increase profitability, boost cash flow and improve the quality of your debtor’s book with our professional revenue management and debt collection services. We are a member of  the South African Council for Debt Collectors.


We provide a simple, yet effective accounts receivable collection service that utilise intelligent techniques, an advanced knowledge base and a myriad of information sources, all driven by sophisticated software tools and professional staff. Mtimandze offers a bespoke service tailored to clients’ individual needs. This flexible approach, coupled with our specialist teams of collectors and negotiators, ensures the highest possible recovery ratios. We specialise in the collection of both consumer and commercial debts and have a level of insight and expertise unequalled by others, across a variety of sectors.


Our collectors are specifically trained. They are able to resolve complex commercial issues as well as take the initiative when debtors are stalling or buying time. They understand the importance of escalating the intensity of the collection process according to the circumstances of each account. Being uniquely focused on the intersection of business and technology, we can manage your ICT effectively, bring best practices to the table, and help you putting collaboration into action. We accept clients from the Republic of South Africa and collect nationally always on a NO SUCCESS = NO FEE basis.